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Miguel Bardaji Izard

Design Technology Developer

Miguel joined our team as a Design Technology Developer, to continue crafting automated solutions and challenge the ways in which we can incorporate automation into AEC’s processes and workflows. He graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Architecture and continued gaining industry knowledge while working for an architecture firm. At that time, Miguel quickly realized the gap between the current technology available and AEC’s common practices and started to create Dynamo scripts that automated the documentation process of a design. Afterwards, he started developing custom Revit add-ins in C# that reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and improve Revit workflows through automation and interactive UI’s.

When not pursuing his passion for design technology, Miguel enjoys fishing, golfing, exploring craft breweries, and traveling to his hometown of Madrid, Spain. He has completed two marathons and enjoys looking for dogs online, with hopes of adopting one (or a few) soon.

Miguel Bardaji Izard
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