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Client Name
KHS&S Contractors Inc. 
5109 La Palma Ave # A, Anaheim, CA 92807

Project Name​

Tools Used

Rhino, Revit, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Rhino.Inside, Autodesk Assemble, Microsoft Power BI and EvolveLAB Custom Application Development

How We Helped

EvolveLAB helped KHS&S Contractors Inc. with an extremely complex confidential project.  The framing, panels, and plates on the project were modeled in Rhino and Grasshopper crating a model drop and data drop chasm between Rhino and Revit.  EvolveLAB created an interoperability routine with Rhino.Inside that converted the rhino geometry to native Revit adaptive components including chamfered ends, slotted holes, and custom plates.  This overcame the model drop chasm between Rhino and Revit saving the team months of remodeling in Revit.  Further each panel, frame, and plate's data was uniquely populated in the project's Revit parameters based on the geometry's georeferenced location on the project overcoming the data drop chasm saving the team months of time in data entry.

Rhino Inside Revit Grasshopper.png
Rhino Inside Revit Grasshopper.gif

EvolveLAB then wrote a set of routines in Dynamo Player that would sequentially create views, Sheets, QR Codes, and name them appropriate based on the project's uniqe panel, frame, and plate locations.

Dynamo Player QR Codes View Creation She
Dynamo Player QR Codes View Creation She
Dynamo QR Code Gneration Revit.png
QR Code Generation BIM.jpg

After this the project was brought into Autodesk Assemble for data interrogation and construction sequencing of the panels, frames, and plates.

Autodesk Assemble Construction.png

The data was then pushed from Autodesk Assemble to Microsoft Power BI for project dashboarding including budget, shipping dates, and installation schedule.

Revit Dashboards Power BI Free Training.
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