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EvolveLAB Video: Shaping and Innovating the Architecture Industry

The world of architecture and construction is evolving and EvolveLAB provides the solutions to design, model, construct, & operate more efficient & sustainable buildings.

It is time to innovate the design process by modeling projects. This approach was adopted by the auto industry in the 1970's, which created a streamlined and standardized process of production. They had vision and pioneered by using technology. Today, EvolveLAB shares a similar vision that will revolutionize the architecture and construction field.

Our core focus and mantra are contained in four categories: Flex, Inform, Build, and Operate.


We provide solutions to literally flex your sketch up designs and stretch your intent and concepts through computational design in Revit.


With the use of 3D models & BIM, vital information is provided for materials, resources and budgets which can INFORM the entire construction team.


Build it before you build it. Models provide the framework and skeleton of data to build more cost effective projects in a timely manner.


BIM provides asset management for owners and operators of completed buildings. Data tracking and smart building technology allows up to date ROI assessments.

Take the Next Step

Do not settle for the status quo, ‘Evolve’ with us as partners to innovate and shape our industry and contribute to the greater ecosystem!

Let's partner together.



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