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Two Minute Tip Tuesdays

Many people have been sending us their biggest struggles with BIM for the past few weeks, don't forget to e-mail EvolveLAB with your top 3 BIM challenges and win one of three $50 gift cards! Bill has a tip for us about Revit and handling the roof condition where it ties into the exterior wall.

A common question I get a lot from Architects is how do I handle the roof condition where it ties into my exterior wall. The challenge is usually framed around, what do I model, and what do I detail? How do I get the condition to look right in elevation, 3D, and section. Well, I stumbled upon these two parameters yesterday, and wanted to share them with you all. As you probably experience as well as I, there are always little nuggets sprinkled throughout Revit to learn.

Selecting the roof, there are two instance parameters that exist in the Construction category. “Rafter Cut” and “Fascia Depth”. By setting the Parameter to “Rafter Cut” to “Two Cut – Plumb”, you are able to achieve the below graphics after setting the fascia depth as well. Using these two parameters will help you achieve the wall to roof condition you are looking for in both 2D AND 3D.

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