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Virtual Reality For Architects, Engineers, and Contractors

There is a lot of hype around Virtual Reality as of late. With all the chatter, it's hard to know what is relevant. Award winning speaker Marcello Sgambelluri presented on the LAB Live show giving us a sneak peak at 'Practical' Uses for Virtual Reality within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. Learn how to harness this technology, and blow the minds of those within your office.

Marcello Manages the implementation, the research & development, and the marketing of BIM, Revit, Structural Design software, and visual programming for his firm John A. Martin & Associates. He create 3D digital content beyond contract documentation that includes creating 3D real time and pre-rendered animations, the use of real time physics and the use of game engines for a variety of tasks. Marcello also trains and educate Designers, engineers, clients and basically any project team member (including architects and contractors) on the latest BIM tools. He also creates tools and add-ins to improve office BIM tools and office structural design tools, including Revit, dynamo, grasshopper, rhino, Tekla, stingray, SAP, ETABS, RAM, RISA and many other software

Make sure to check out Marcello's Simply Complex Podcast at



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