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'EvolveLAB' Dynamo Package Update - Containers

You can now generate multiple iterations of a building and site plan thanks to the Containers update in our ‘EvolveLAB’ Dynamo package.

Going from big picture down to individual units, we begin by defining the overall footprint. The node boxed in blue is the overall footprint container. We can adjust the length and width parameters of the footprint and associate an ID to it, which allows you to easily gather object data.

Next, we establish the multiple departments within the footprint, which become items within the footprint container. In this example, highlighted in the blue box, we can adjust the number and placement of the department within the footprint.

Finally, we can adjust the number of individual programs within the department. The department then becomes the container and the programs are the items within the department container.

So, the programs (green boxes) are items in the department container (pink boxes) and the departments are items within the footprint container (blue box). Now you are set to generate multiple iterations of a building and site plan!

You can find this and other example graphs of our Dynamo package like this:

The /extra folder in the package has examples showing how to use all of our nodes. Stay tuned for additional updates to the EvolveLAB Dynamo Package!



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