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Interview with Inside the Firm Podcast

Inside the Firm Podcast caught up with EvolveLAB's CEO and Founder, Bill Allen, for their Holiday Special Interview covering insights from Robet Wygant, Arron Maller, and Bill himself. Recorded at Autodesk University Alex chats about the future of: Revit, Architecture, How to run your firm, dynamo and much more.

Bill chats about using Revit to design theme parks, Dynamo, Grasshopper, growing EvolveLAB, 3D capture with On Point Scans, what he's excited for in the future, and much more. Learn more about EvolveLAB's theme park projects here.

Bill mentions a bunch of free resources via the EvolveLAB website - you heard him right. Sign up for the free membership and you'll have access to free training videos, dynamo scripts and more.

Inside the Firm is a raw look at inner workings of an Architecture firm. Check out their podcasts that drop every Friday Afternoon!



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