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EvolveLAB Dynamo Training Videos

If you're interested in learning Dynamo you've wandered to the holy grail of intro level Dynamo lessons. We've compliled over 5 hours of educational videos EvolveLAB has developed over the last few years. Learn about everything from streamlining MEP workflows to making the most out of Dynamo player.

Are you looking for something specific? If the free vidoes aren't tailored enough to your workflow, consider custom Dynamo training by EvolveLAB. Contact to learn more!

Applied Automation in Dynamo – Denver Dynamo User Group

(1hr 18 min)

Fully implemented automation is often time-consuming, expensive, and delivered after they're needed. The DDUG February 2019 MeetUp looks at various examples of how to use Dynamo to build quick prototypes for real-world scenarios. This session was recorded live at the meetup.

Dynamo For Construction

(62 minutes)

The construction industry has been plagued with inefficiencies and is often known for its lack of adoption of new technology. It's time for general contractors to reap the benefits of task automation and systemized efficiency with computational construction via Dynamo. Here we cover automate sleeve modeling, concrete pour diagrams, creating penetrations for walls and floors, and quantifying costing of building categories.

Making the most out of Dynamo Player

(58 minutes)

This is a recorded webinar on the Dynamo Player that we (EvolveLAB) hosted. The learning objectives were:

1. Understanding of what Dynamo is and where it's at now.

2. Awareness of key Dynamo packages to have.

3. Learn about the resources available.

4. Learn how to create Dynamo Player workflows with user interfaces.

Monopoly in Revit – Showcasing the Power of Dynamo

(60 minutes)

Forget the technical talk for a second and come build the world’s most popular board game Monopoly in Revit. This LABLive is designed to benefit a wide variety of Revit users seeking to learn Dynamo. We will cover a wide range of topics that utilize different aspects of Dynamo’s capabilities. Learn the similarities between Revit workflows and a game of Monopoly.

We will build the game ’s database using Revit Categories and Families. Watch Dynamo set up the game, manage the database and even move the players. Everyone understands and can relate to the rules and goals of this classic board game. This LABLive will leave you looking at Revit, Dynamo, and your workflows in new ways. Since its the season for giving, our gift to you is a beautiful 3D working game ready for you to explore the code, challenge your co-workers and show them what you’ve learned.

Streamlining MEP Design with Dynamo

(53 minutes)

In this LABLive, we'll see how you can use Dynamo to streamline the design process for MEP engineers. We will import data from Excel, perform engineering calculations in Dynamo, and automatically place elements throughout the model. These processes are all linked to allow us to build a Revit HVAC system using nothing but algorithms. Join us as EvolveLAB's Sean Fruin teaches how to build a better model in less time, freeing us up so we can focus on the important things.

The Difference Between Computational Design vs. Generative Design. Vs. Parametricism

(7 minutes)

This is a short video explaining the difference between computational design, generative, and parametricism.

Augment Your BIM Lighting Design Workflow

(47 minutes)

Learn how to optimize and automate your lighting design workflow inside of Revit. Use the latest tools to quickly generate accurate lighting specifications and point-by-point calculations. Automatically transfer and access valuable lighting BIM data in an immersive experience to help you augment your design decisions.

Way Faster Wednesday – Moving Diffusers in Revit with Dynamo (2 minutes)

Way Faster Wednesday – Extract System Parameters to Host Model (1 minute)

Do you ever need to transfer MEP System Parameters from a linked model to your host model? EvolveLAB Design Technologist Daniel Cortes shows you how to automate this task using Dynamo.

Way Faster Wednesday – Tag By Element Offset & Alignment

Add intelligence to tag placement in any view using the latest Dynamo 2.0.2 out of the box methods.

Tag all not tagged = Out of the box#Revit

Tagging 4,000 elements with an equal offset so there is no overlap? = Bending the rules of #Revit with #Dynamo.



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