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Announcing Veras AI For Vectorworks!

Updated: May 2

We're thrilled to unveil an exciting development that promises to transform the design landscape as we know it. Veras, our cutting-edge AI rendering application, has been seamlessly integrated into Vectorworks, Inc., the premier design and BIM authoring tool trusted by architects, interior designers, and landscape architects worldwide.  “We are excited to partner with the EvolveLAB team to bring Veras and its trusted capabilities to Vectorworks users,” said Vectorworks Senior Director of Rendering and Research Dave Donley. “This collaboration underscores our dedication to empowering designers with cutting-edge tools that not only enhance their creativity but also boost their efficiency. Acting as a complement to our AI Visualizer, the integration of Veras enriches our customers’ toolkits, offering them unparalleled flexibility, speed, and the capability to vividly visualize and seamlessly share their unique design visions with the world.” EvolveLAB President Bill Allen and CTO Ben Guler also expressed enthusiasm about their partnership with the Vectorworks team. 'We are honored to bring additional AI ideation and rendering to the Vectorworks community. We believe it will add tremendous value to an already amazing application", said Bill Allen.

This integration marks a significant milestone in empowering design professionals across diverse disciplines with unparalleled rendering capabilities directly within their Vectorworks environment. Whether you're crafting architectural marvels, captivating interior spaces, or breathtaking landscapes, Veras within Vectorworks is set to revolutionize your creative process. Let's delve into how this integration will elevate design workflows for architects, interior designers, and landscape architects alike:

Stunning Renderings for Landscape Architects

For landscape architects, Veras within Vectorworks opens up new possibilities for creating captivating outdoor environments. From lush gardens to expansive landscapes, Veras' rendering capabilities enable landscape architects to visualize their designs in vivid detail, helping them to convey the intended atmosphere and ambiance of outdoor spaces with precision.

Veras AI Vectorworks

Original Vectorworks image

Veras AI Vectorworks

Watercolor text prompt on Vectorworks model

Veras AI Vectorworks

High geometry override to add more landscaping.

Enhanced Visualization for Architects

Architects can now bring their architectural visions to life with stunning creativity and realism. With Veras integrated into Vectorworks, architects gain access to advanced rendering features that enable them to ideate building concepts as well as help communicate their designs effectively to clients and stakeholders.

Veras AI Vectorworks

Veras AI inside of Vectorworks Architectural Model

Veras AI Vectorworks

Finished cinematic style rendering produced with Veras for Vectorworks

Veras AI Vectorworks

Using Veras' AI capability to render different materials to Vectorworks design

Captivating Visualizations for Interior Designers

Interior designers can now create immersive visualizations that bring interior spaces to life with unparalleled realism. With Veras integrated into Vectorworks, interior designers can experiment with different materials, lighting scenarios, and spatial arrangements, allowing them to craft compelling interior environments that resonate with clients' visions and expectations.

Veras AI Vectorworks

Veras AI inside of Vectorworks Interior Design Model

Veras AI Vectorworks

Sketchy AI text prompt for Vectorworks interior design model

Veras AI Vectorworks

Photorealistic text prompt for Vectorworks interior design model

Veras AI Vectorworks

Watercolor text prompt for Vectorworks interior design model

Veras QuickStart For Vectorworks

Here's a quick start to get you onboarded to Veras for Vectorworks.


In conclusion, the integration of Veras into Vectorworks represents a convergence of innovation and convenience, empowering architects, interior designers, and landscape architects to realize their design visions with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. Together, let's embark on a journey of creativity and exploration, as we redefine what's possible in the world of design.

Getting Started with Veras for Vectorworks

Ready to get started using Veras for Vectorworks? Check out this post our CTO, Ben Guler put together!



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