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BENTO: The Ultimate Free Revit Add-In Suite by EvolveLAB

Download here: Bento

Revit users, rejoice! The power to transform your workflow is at your fingertips with BENTO, the remarkable free add-in suite by EvolveLAB. Let's dive right in and explore the game-changing features that are set to revolutionize the way you work in Revit.


  • Model Size Checker: One-Click Size Evaluation

  • Ceiling Generator: Effortless Ceiling Creation With One Click

  • Open Selected Views: Instant Access to Your Views

  • Ribbon Updates: Streamlined Functionality

These features are not just about convenience; they're about empowering you to work more efficiently and creatively in Revit. BENTO is designed to be your trusty companion in the world of architectural design, and these updates are just the beginning.

Model Size Checker

Check the size of your Revit Model with a single click, no need to navigate to the folder where it’s stored, or figure out how to even find this number if it’s a cloud model! Works for local, cloud, work shared, and non-work shared models. And families too! For cloud models, you see the actual file size, not the bloated size shown in the Autodesk Construction Cloud that may include linked files.

It even includes some warning gifs if your modeling is getting too large.

EvolveLAB is offering a prize - to the first person to post a forum comment of the ‘chonker’ sized Model Size Checker warning gif. There are various different warning sizes, so you'll need a really really huge model to get the 'chonker' one! We’re offering a free 6-month subscription to ALL EvolveLAB apps (including Veras, Glyph, Morphis, and Helix) to the winner!!!

Ceiling Generator

This was originally developed as a standalone tool to celebrate one of the big Revit 2022 API updates: The ability to programmatically create ceilings! We [finally] decided to update this tool and include it with Bento.

The tool allows you to select multiple rooms from your model at once, using a searchable list, and creating ceilings based off the 2D room boundaries for all of those rooms with a single click. Even if you have a complex room shape, the ceiling boundary matches the room boundary (at the level’s computation height) exactly. You can specify the Revit Ceiling Type to be used, taken right from your model, as well as the height of the generated ceilings.

Open Selected Views

Keeping only the views and sheets you need at a given time in Revit can be frustrating and tedious. The Open Selected Views Tool is here to alleviate some of that stress and help you keep your working environment a little tidier and easier to handle. The tool is quite simple. You select the views, schedules, legends, or sheets you need to open, and it will open them for you.

You even have the option to close any opened unselected views!

And now with an updated UI, you can choose from either the default quick “Open Selected Views” tool, which will open, tile, and group all the selected views, and close any unselected views OR you can run the “Open Selected Views With Options” to see the fancy new UI with a list of which views will be opened, which are already opened (and unselected), and 3 (2 new) options at the bottom.

Ribbon Updates

To keep the Bento toolbar size small, we’ve consolidated some of the similar buttons. Now both of the View Renumbers buttons, as well as both of the Open Selected View buttons, are each in their own single dropdown

Download here: Bento

Revit Versions Supported: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Note: Ceiling Generator only available in 2022 and later.

(Free) EvolveLAB Account Login Required

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Can we get detailed explanation of getting irregular ceilings from sketchup or autocad to revit

Daniel Kaye
Daniel Kaye
Dec 06, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your comment! Bento does include a ‘Ceiling Generator’ tool that will create Revit ceilings from Revit rooms by analyzing each room’s bounding geometry, but it's important to note that it may not directly address the process of importing irregular ceilings from SketchUp or AutoCAD into Revit you are inquiring about.

For the specific task you mentioned, we recommend checking out our interoperability tool called Helix. Helix has the capability to transfer various types of 2D and 3D geometry between different AEC software, including moving geometry between SketchUp and Revit, or creating BIM walls, doors, windows, and pipes from an AutoCAD dwg plan. You can learn more about Helix and its features by visiting the following link:




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