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Don't Miss EvolveLAB's Classes at Autodesk University 2022!

It's that time of year again! Autodesk University is right around the corner. Two things that are pretty unique about the event this year. One, it's the first time we have met in person in over two years. Two, it's in New Orleans instead of Las Vegas. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to experience AU in a different city this year! You know what else is exciting? EvolveLAB will be presenting four classes this year for you! The classes this year are going to be leveraging some new technologies and workflows that should really elevate you and your firm's data-driven design and automation capabilities. Don't forget that even if a class is full you are likely still able to get in. Let's take a look at the classes.


BES502811 | Autogenerating and Optimizing Modular Air Duct Layouts in Revit

Format: Case Study

What happens when some enthusiastic software developers team up with a few innovative mechanical designers? Henderson Engineers is an MEP design firm that's been working on developing a modular DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly) air duct system for a while now, and has developed some clever Revit families and Dynamo scripts to help its designers model them. The firm joined forces with EvolveLAB, a building information modeling (BIM) consulting and software development company, to create a Revit add-in that focuses on the real-time generative design of these modular duct layouts. In this session, we'll review how these companies used some unique properties of the Revit API to create a co-authoring system that allows a mechanical design to sketch out a main duct layout in Revit while the computer simultaneously and continually produces the most optimal layout using the DFMA kit of parts for that sketch-which is then finalized and converted into a fully connected Revit duct system.

Image Credit: EvolveLAB/Henderson Engineers

Learning Objectives:

  1. Experience how generative design can be used for mechanical layouts within Revit.

  2. Learn about the real-time potentials of the Revit API, via Direct Context 3D.

  3. Learn the benefits of co-authoring in computational design.

  4. See how DfMA workflows can streamline the design and fabrication process.


AS502829 | Generative Design for Revit: Why the Co-Authorship Approach Is so Powerful

Format: Industry Talk

From those claiming that the tool will replace our jobs to those who speak of its impending demise, generative design has had a rocky start ... but what if we looked at generative design from a different angle? What if we took a co-authoring approach to generative design? We'll look at a few case studies utilizing Generative Design for Revit with Dynamo-but where the session will get very exciting is when we demonstrate how you can use Generative Design for Revit as a co-authoring tool directly within the Revit project environment. This is where we believe the most value lies-where the tool becomes an extension of the designer, and where co-authorship gives you powers not known to be so intuitive. Join us as we enter this next chapter of building information modeling (BIM)-co-authorship through generative design.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to use Dynamo to create Generative Design for Revit studies.

  2. Discover what’s possible and not possible with Generative Design for Revit.

  3. Learn how to use model assist tools within Revit to automate design.

  4. Learn how to use co-authoring generative design directly within a Revit project.


BES502833 | Should Your Firm Build Custom Tools?

Format: Panel

Session Description In this panel we will interview multiple firms who have had custom software solutions created for them and their firm. We will look at some of the reasons that drove them to create custom tools, whether it was for a competitive edge, the desire to make their Autodesk products that much better, or for the sheer love of innovation and pushing the limits. We will get a good perspective on some of their challenges, lessons learned through their experiences, and if they would consider embarking on this journey again. The panel will consist of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing professionals. Most of them are innovators and intrapreneurs, who is a person who disrupts an industry from within the walls of their own company. If you have ever cared about innovation, and wondered what it's like to build your own product, this class is for you!

Image Credit: Atlas Group London

Learning Objectives:

  1. Know when and why to create a custom tool for your firm

  2. Learn what challenges you could expect when developing a tool

  3. Know how long it usually takes to create a custom tool

  4. Decipher whether creating a tool is a good idea or not for your firm


AS502800 | Data-Driven Occupancy Load Workflows Using Revit

Format: Industry Talk

Session Description Come to this session to discover how the occupancy load workflow is a live and data-driven tool that takes advantage of Revit software's recent advancements in order to facilitate the architect's code analysis and documentation journey. The workflow utilizes schedules, tags, shared parameters, and formulas to process raw data, calculate, and deliver the occupancy load directly to the code plans while at the same time keeping the data flow between schedule and tags live and consolidated into a single source of truth.

Image Credit: EvolveLAB - Revit Code Tools

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to implement the Code Tools within their design and documentation processes.

  2. Challenge yourself to implement similar solutions.

  3. Learn how to implement a few new Revit tools in your own workflow.

  4. Learn about automating your Code documentation.


Come and Meet Evolvelab at our booth!

This Year we will also have a booth set up in the Exhibit hall. We would love to see you and learn more about you and your firm! Come say "Hi" and hang out with us at booth AE456!




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