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Renumber Views In Revit EvolveLAB Add-in Update

In today's post, Daniel Kaye gives an update on one of EvolveLAB’s work-in-progress Revit add-ins, which now allows users to quickly and automatically renumber some or all views on a sheet.

If you do a lot of documentation work with sheets in Revit, you’ve almost certainly run into this issue! When you try to change a view’s detail number to one that already exists on a sheet, Revit will give you the “Detail Number is already in Use” error.

Aside from avoiding both this error and the tedious task of having to manually renumber all conflicting views, the new update allows users to renumber all views on a sheet with just a few clicks. Simply pick a sheet, enter a starting detail number, and the tool does the rest!

Another new feature is the ability to specify a custom order in which to renumber your views, by selecting the ‘Select New Order’ option from the dropdown, and then selecting the views in the desired order. The rainbow outlines will highlight the selected views so you can keep track of the order you have selected them in.

To test the latest beta version of the tool, download and run the installer at the link below (Supports Revit 2018-2021).

Have any feedback, or ideas for your own Revit Add-in? Feel free to reach out to use at!



Daniel Kaye

Design Technologist

Daniel Kaye is an architect, computer nerd, and avid rock climber hailing from snowy Buffalo, New York. He holds a B. Arch degree from the Syracuse University School of Architecture, as well as a minor in computer science. As a licensed architect he has had the opportunity to work at a variety of firms ranging from a 2-man operation with his former professor to the third largest AEC corporation in the world. During Daniel’s six years walking the line between architect and BIM Manager on residential, commercial, rail, and aviation projects across the country he became attuned to the inefficiencies inherent within the AEC industry. Combining his knowledge of our digital design tools with his recreational programming pursuits, Daniel joined EvolveLAB to help improve the software used to create the built environment in which we live. Having been raised entirely on the East coast of the United States, Daniel cycled from Boston to Los Angeles before falling in love with the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he now resides. When not writing code or rock climbing, he can often be found outside sketching or jamming with friends on his drum kit.




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