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Turbocharging Your Workflow: Exciting Speed Improvements Await!

Download the new version Here: Glyph Installer

Do you ever find yourself waiting impatiently for your BIM software to catch up with your lightning-fast ideas? Well, hold onto your hard hats, because it's time to explore some thrilling speed improvements that will make your Revit experience 3.5 to 5 times faster! That's right, your daily tasks are about to become turbocharged, saving you valuable time and enhancing your productivity.

The following tasks are now 3.5X - 5X faster:

View Creation: Speeding Ahead

Let's start with view creation, a fundamental part of your BIM workflow. Now, thanks to these remarkable improvements, creating views is a breeze. Whether you're creating views by level, scope box, room, category, or crafting legends by category, brace yourself for a major boost in speed. You'll be able to visualize your projects quicker than ever before!

Sheet Creation: Rapid Results

Moving on to sheet creation, the speed improvements are equally impressive. Whether you're generating sheets by level, scope box, room, or category/generic, you can expect to complete the task in record time. Say goodbye to those long waits and hello to rapid results!

Bundles: A Faster Ensemble

But that's not all. If you're using any of these tasks in a bundle, you're in for an even more exhilarating experience. Bundles, which are designed to streamline your workflow, will now operate at a significantly faster pace. Your bundled tasks will synchronize seamlessly, allowing you to work more efficiently than ever.



Revit model size: 600mb

  • Tasks: Create views by rooms > Room elevations > 2 rooms selected

    • Before: 4 minutes and 44 seconds

    • After: 54 seconds

Revit model size: 50mb

  • Bundle: Enlarged Plans Bundle > 5 rooms selected

    • Before: 56 seconds

    • After: 16 seconds

Things to consider

  • Larger models will impact the tasks/bundles speed performance

  • The amount of elements selected will impact how long the task/bundle takes

  • Computer specs will affect performance

Download the new version Here: Glyph Installer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Tag views by category” task always displaying the following log errors

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