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Veras - Generative AI renderings from Revit, with Bill Allen & Ben Guler | Revit Pure Live #058

We had a blast talking with Nicolas on Revit Pure (to be BIM Pure from now on)! Check out some of the highlights from the livestream below. Thanks to Nicolas for the invite and for everyone that was able to join!

Geometry Override Slider

Decreasing the slider value keeps the geometry closer to the Revit geometry, while allowing the materials to be overridden.

Make UI Bigger

Press Ctrl & + keyoard shortcuts to make the UI larger (fonts, thumbnails, etc…). You can also make it smaller pressing Ctrl & -

Any plans to use other rendering modes besides realistic?

You can do that now, by changing the prompt. Example below uses water color in the prompt.

Exploring Prompts with the same Seed

The seed is key to controlling the outcome of the rendering. The images below have a locked seed, and only the color of the glazing was changed: blue, green, gold and pink

Keep Render Aesthetic when changing the model

You can also use the seed to retain the aesthetic when making model changes. The example below has the height of the model adjusted with the seed locked.

Is there a limit to how long the prompt can be?

Yes - this is limited by the patterns in the prompt text, know as the token length. We’re looking at adding this to the UI to better help the user.

Only change part of the rendering

With the new selection render feature, you can select part of the image, change the prompt of what you want to see in that region, and then render. This feature is available for testing to the early access group. See examples below:

Changing the foreground

Changing the front facade design

Changing flooring in interior scene

Changing the couch color

Changing the background for exteriors

What’s Turbo Nature?

Turbo Nature adds foliage, and vegetation to the scene. To see it’s effects, you can lock the seed, and render the scene with it OFF and the ON. See the results below.

Does it understand dimensions and scale?

It doesn’t have units like Revit. To get accurate scaling, it’s good to add recognizable entourage, like people and cars.

Can you load a hand sketch?

With the standalone version of Veras, you can load any image (sketches or photos) to generate renderings

Can you render floor plans?


Can it generate 3d content in the future?

Definitely! It’s not on our immediate roadmap, but it can be done. This is a more challenging problem to solve in a useful way, but we are excited by how it can affect 3d content generation.

Can you make larger images?

Yes! We have an early access version that we will be releasing soon!! Check out the images below:

Download Free Trial of Veras here: Windows | Mac



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